An Update on the SSRN Paper Regarding Corporate Lobbying and Taxation Effects

Excellent news the past few weeks! My research paper disseminated on SSRN, “Lobbying as Source of Rent Seeking,” has placed in several Top Ten lists amongst recent papers, including all those submitted thus far for the year of 2021 in their respective categories. Currently, the paper is:

#1 in LSN (Law): Legislative and Political Process
#3 in the Law and Positive Political Theory eJournal
#2 in PSN (Political Science): Interest Groups & Peak Associations
#2 in the Resource Based Strategy and Policy eJournal
#2 in FEN (Financial Economics) : Differences in Taxation & Corporate Finance
#1 in POL (Corporate Strategy and Business Policy): Accounting View of the Firm
#2 in the Resource Based Strategy & Policy eJournal
#8 in the MRN (Management) : Corporate Strategy & Business Policy Network
#8 in the Political Subject Matter eJournals

Feel free to check out my updated paper that I’m still debating on whether or not to expand upon at:

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