A Word from our Founder

Hi there, and pleasure to meet you. Welcome to the Courteous Capitalist project! My name is Seth Carter, and I started Courteous Capitalist with three goals in mind: To give voice to Libertarian, Classical Liberal, and Free-Market scholars who may not otherwise have had a platform to share their insights. To propagate the intellectual side of Liberty with sophistication and careful reasoning as we explore its impact and obstacles throughout countless areas of life. To break away from the harsh and antagonistic discourse that so often surrounds political and economic issues with a commitment to our brand of Courteousness for cultivating open, rich, respectful, and productive dialogue. We thank you for your visit and your time.

About the Founder

Seth Carter was born in Indiana in the United States and received his BA in Economics, Mathematics, and Philosophy from Indiana University, Bloomington. He went on to obtain a graduate certificate in economics from Michigan State University and is currently a PhD student and researcher in economics at West Virginia University with specializations in public economics and regional/urban economics.

Mr. Carter’s original academic research in economics has mainly focused on corporate lobbying, taxation, and campaign finance. This work has been published and disseminated by journals including SSRN (The Social Science Research Network) and the Society for the Development of Austrian Economics, while also being presented and awarded at several professional research conferences. Outside of economics, his additional publication has included original research in philosophy through the journal, Aporia, of Brigham Young University and specifically concerns philosophy of personal identity. Mr. Carter’s professional experience includes intern and research associate roles through organizations such as the Institute of Ideas, the Charles Koch Institute, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Cato Institute. As a contributing author, his work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, Newsmax, and the Competitive Enterprise Institute Blog, “The Open Market.”

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