In Defense of Austrian Business Cycle Theory as a Non-Austrian

I consider myself an economist-in-training, but I would not consider myself an Austrian economist-in-training in terms of my preferred methodologies, philosophy of economics, and research goals. I tend to be sympathetic to a view akin to that of Antony Davies that Austrian economic methods such as Praxeology are useful as a guide for model selection,Continue reading “In Defense of Austrian Business Cycle Theory as a Non-Austrian”

A Series of Unfortunate Events

If you support raising taxes on property owners, particularly those who own rental property, but also want rental prices to not go up, you may find that you never get exactly what you want. If you do get both of those things, and receive higher taxes along with rent control, you may find that rentalContinue reading “A Series of Unfortunate Events”

A Nobel Prize? Or Wool Over the Eyes?

I’m an economist-in-training. More specifically, I’m a PhD researcher and student in economics trying to gain the skills I’ll need to become a professional. Most of the time, this process consists of me making numerous and embarrassing mistakes that I’ve conditioned myself into leveraging for educational purposes. Why do such a thing? Because, one day,Continue reading “A Nobel Prize? Or Wool Over the Eyes?”

My (Limited) Experience in Physics

I remember being fascinated by the basic concepts and implications of Physics from a young age watching science shows like “Cosmos,” “The Universe,” and “Through the Wormhole,” but my more formal study of physics never made it much past basic classical mechanics and a modest amount of Hamiltonian physics. And it was super hard forContinue reading “My (Limited) Experience in Physics”


Hi, my name is Seth Carter, aspiring economist looking to make economic and philosophical sense of this world in all its simultaneous chaos and order. This blog covers current events, economics, politics, philosophy, and my personal interests that I believe to be complementary to these pursuits. Thank you for visiting. Let’s take a walk togetherContinue reading “Welcome!”