The Gaps in the Generality

Facts about recessions and unemployment (and matching) Professor Cowen raises an interesting point in this recent Marginal Revolution blog post. If micro-data on unemployment recovery really is typically better explained by the supply-side of employment (I’d need to read more in that area to feel more confident myself), is the periodic case for dramatic effortsContinue reading “The Gaps in the Generality”

McClure, Thomas, and Horowitz Continue to Wow – Application of Sequestered Capital Theory to 1929 Crash

In one of my prior posts, “Austrian Alert” I highlight an application of sequestered capital theory written by the authors as a way to fill in the gaps of Hayek’s struggle with Austrian Business Cycle Theory. Here, we have a paper by McClure, Thomas, and Horowitz further applying their theory to better make sense ofContinue reading “McClure, Thomas, and Horowitz Continue to Wow – Application of Sequestered Capital Theory to 1929 Crash”

Life, Liberty, but What About Property?

No, it’s not trendy in this particular day and age as a fundamental basis for good society, but here’s the thing: I unabashedly love property rights and their institutions. Of all the foundations that have made up free and prosperous societies in the past, whether you cite Democracy, Liberty, Equality, or what have you, IContinue reading “Life, Liberty, but What About Property?”

A Nobel Prize? Or Wool Over the Eyes?

I’m an economist-in-training. More specifically, I’m a PhD researcher and student in economics trying to gain the skills I’ll need to become a professional. Most of the time, this process consists of me making numerous and embarrassing mistakes that I’ve conditioned myself into leveraging for educational purposes. Why do such a thing? Because, one day,Continue reading “A Nobel Prize? Or Wool Over the Eyes?”

My (Limited) Experience in Physics

I remember being fascinated by the basic concepts and implications of Physics from a young age watching science shows like “Cosmos,” “The Universe,” and “Through the Wormhole,” but my more formal study of physics never made it much past basic classical mechanics and a modest amount of Hamiltonian physics. And it was super hard forContinue reading “My (Limited) Experience in Physics”